Survival Chinese

Target Students

Non-native Chinese speakers who have limited knowledge of Chinese language.

Course Length

8 weeks, 12 classes per week for Comprehensive classes.

Curriculum Objective

· To be able to carry on simple communication with local people,
· To gain a brief outline of Chinese language and culture;
· To pass HSK1 test or to reach equivalent level;
· To master about 150 HSK vocabulary, 40-60 sentence patterns, and basic grammar /patterns.

Course Content

Survival topics (self-introduction, time, money exchange, shopping, catering, accommodation, travel, transportation), focusing on listening and speaking.

Sample Books

Complementary Pronunciation Materials, Flashcards & hand-outs developed by SICC

Sample Topics

· Self-Introduction;
· Telling Time;
· Bank And Money Exchange;
· Directions And Transport;
· Shopping;
· Ordering And Talking About Food;
· Talking About Weather And Seasons;