Mitsubishi Electric Corp. Intensive Short-term Chinese course

Introduction of the Program

Cooperating with Co. KANWAJUKU, SICC customizes Intensive Short-term Chinese course for different levels of learners of Business Chinese for Mitsubishi Electric Corp, aiming to enhance learners’ ability to communicate with confidence in Chinese.

Program Dates: The program is 4-8 weeks of each term and has 3 terms in one year;Language Class Hours: Minimum of 110 hours during each term;

Academic program: Most of participants are beginners. In addition to building up their confidence in using Chinese, the program increases their spoken Chinese skills and intercultural communication competence; 

Post-program expectations: All participants will be able to pass HSK Level 3 test and be able to use Chinese in daily conversations by the end of the program. Students are also expected to be more motivated to use Chinese in working place. 

Sample Schedule