Business Chinese

Target Students

Business-based courses for non-native Chinese speakers who have certain knowledge of the Chinese language( above HSK4 or equivalent level), especially those with certain working experience in trade and business areas.

Course Length

8 weeks, 12 classes per week for Comprehensive classes.

Curriculum Objective

· To briefly understand the relevant laws and regulations in China;
· T0 gain basic business vocabulary and conversation patterns in Chinese;
· To understand business manner and culture in China.

Course Content

Business-based conversations; business manner and culture in China; business writing, visits to companies and workshops.

Sample Books

· Chinese for managers ( Business Chinese Volume );
· Materials & hand-outs developed by SICC.

Sample Topics

· Applying for and Accepting a Job;
· Employment and Training
· Business Communication
· Office Environment
· International Exhibition, Trade Fair and Symposium
· Conference and Visits